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The 5 Golden Rules for Profiting in Forex

We are going to define a series of rules that although they are basic and for some quite evident it is important always to take them into account since without them it is impossible to obtain long term profits by doing forex trading. We must keep in mind that gaining profits in forex is not easy. Among other things, we need a good training that we will certainly offer from invertirenbolsaweb. Without going further, let's cite the set of inviolable rules in forex:

Forex trading is not a casino

The first rule has to do with the trading concept itself. Many beginners in forex try to guess with more intuition than training in which direction the market is going to move as if it were really a bet on a casino or a game of chance. The experience ends up proving that this type of traders ends up losing their account in a short time. The foreign exchange market is not a casino, the market evolution follows a logic that has to be interpreted and requires knowledge of fundamental analysis (ba…

How much money do I need to start investing in the stock market?

This question about how much money is necessary to start investing in the stock market is one of the most frequent doubts that any person who is valuing the possibility of investing (whether in Forex, stocks, indices, raw materials, etc.) has. Obviously the result you can get can vary considerably from start with € 100 or € 10,000 but it is also really complicated to indicate an exact or approximate figure that answers the question without further ado.

The appropriate amount will depend mainly on the level of knowledge and the strategy of each investor, his risk profile and his economic capacity. Nowadays most online brokers will allow you to open an account with very little money (from € 50 or € 100 or even less), so not having significant capital is no longer an obstacle when you start doing Trading. Of course it is better to start with little money and to learn not to do it at all or wait until you have more money without having learned and losing everything in a couple of operatio…