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How much money do I need to start investing in the stock market?

This question about how much money is necessary to start investing in the stock market is one of the most frequent doubts that any person who is valuing the possibility of investing (whether in Forex, stocks, indices, raw materials, etc.) has. Obviously the result you can get can vary considerably from start with € 100 or € 10,000 but it is also really complicated to indicate an exact or approximate figure that answers the question without further ado.

The appropriate amount will depend mainly on the level of knowledge and the strategy of each investor, his risk profile and his economic capacity. Nowadays most online brokers will allow you to open an account with very little money (from € 50 or € 100 or even less), so not having significant capital is no longer an obstacle when you start doing Trading. Of course it is better to start with little money and to learn not to do it at all or wait until you have more money without having learned and losing everything in a couple of operations.

Our recommendation is that you start with an amount with which you feel comfortable and without pressure. An amount that you can risk without problems and that is enough to open and close positions while you learn and optimize your investment strategy. That is why this adequate amount to start investing is variable according to the profile of each person and their financial situation.

One of the basic rules of Money Management is that you invest only an amount that you are willing to lose. If you resort to trading in a situation where you need money urgently you have all the ballots to increase your problems instead of solving them. You will act under excessive pressure and it is easy for you to rush into making decisions.

The most important thing when you start investing is to survive, to withstand the maximum possible time while operating while learning and build your trading dengan manajemen psikologi to be able to eventually start to win.


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