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How To Determine The Right Trading Time And Best

The Forex market is generally open 24 hours a day up to 5 days a week. This is a period that can be said to be very long. Even the forex market can also be spelled out, without rest and always open. For traders themselves, this is certainly very fun because they have the opportunity to double the amount of profit indefinitely and at any time. So trading activity does not have to collide with time to relax or working hours in your office.

However, as the market in General, the forex market is not crowded all the time. For it is a time where lively trading activity, but there are also time trading activity is quiet even though the forex market remains open. Generally the more lively trading in the forex market, the chance to gain an advantage would be the greater. Instead the more deserted the market, then the chance of profit will be less and less. In doing so, information about forex trading right of reply time is very important. Where you can adjust the time between characters with forex trading trading strategies. It aims to ensure that you get the most out of your trading activity on each.

Time and hours of the Forex market

  • The European market, are starting to open from 14.00 PM to 22.00 pm. At the time the trade is done at the financial centers that exist in Europe, such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The European market has the largest trading sessions, among which about 36 percent of the total world trade. The European Market is arguably the most crowded market. There are so many rich businessmen in the world who conduct transactions at this time.
  • The Asian market, starting to open from 04.00 PM to 14.00 GMT. There are two popular markets, namely China's Markets opened starting at 7.00 pm and the Tokyo Market opens at 06.00 pm. Most traders in Indonesia who conduct trading through Asian markets. Because the Asian markets have had a share of 21% to the total trade trade in the world.
  • The American market, opened at 19:00 until 03.00. Forex trading activity reached a maximum level at the moment the clock trafing in Newyork on opening, it also when the US Bank has already started to work. Trade on the American market alone is enough reason to have potential percentage of 19% to the total trade in the world.

Tips To Determine The Best Forex Trading Time, There are some tips that you can use to determine the best day for trading, among them:

  • If you have decided for trading on any market, we recommend that you select a time when the central market. Don't forget, every market has a lively hour. That way, you have the opportunity to grab a great benefit by using the price movement rapidly.
  • Busiest day in trading markets generally at mid week, on Wednesday and Thursday as well. These days have very active price movement, thus allowing you to obtain the potential benefit is great. For that, you can trade in the day.
  • Use the time overlapping which occurs between the European and American market, because at that time the high price volatility and liquidity, with so you can gain maximum profit.

That's a couple of tips to determine the best day for trading forex, may be useful!


  1. To get maximum benefits from trading it is must that you place your buy/sell orders in market at the right time. Although forex market is open for 24 hours a day, traders should identify right timing to place their orders. Analysts views on trading tips are quite helpful while trading in different currency pairs.


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